Mountain Ash: Photos from World War One

During the First World War, the Aberdare Leader printed photos of local men, and women, who served in the armed forces. Each issue carried such photos along with details of their experiences. Focusing on Mountain Ash and Penrhiwceiber, I have collated some 130 such photos, along with as many articles as I can find relating to those named, amounting to some 23,000 words. A full index is provided via the World War One menu above, or here. As the photos below show, the quality is not good but, in conjunction with the biographical information available, I think they are of interest and value to family and local historians.

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3 responses to “Mountain Ash: Photos from World War One

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  2. Both my Great uncles were killed in the First World War.They lived in Dyffryn st in Mountain Ash. David Palmer and Llewelyn Palmer.

  3. David Bryant

    My great uncle (Pte George Saunders 28365 18th Battalion
    Welch Regiment lived in Arnold Street. He volunteered in April 1915 and was reported missing on 11 November 1917. He has no known grave but is listed on the Cambrai Memorial at Louverval.
    Sadly I have no photograph of him as the house was cleared in 1982 when his sister died and I was serving at sea.
    If anyone has any information, particularly a photograph I would be very grateful to receive a copy.

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