Photos: Postcards from the past

These are some photos, mainly of Mountain Ash, that I have collated over time. Most are interesting for the detail of the people they show. I have added some close-up detail where this interests me.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

The quality is not always very good, and the colourisation is not to be taken seriously.

(Note: Due to ill-health and poor eye-sight this is my first post in a year: I hope that my health is now improving so I will be able to resume to some extent activity on the site.)

The Bridge, Mountain Ash, postmarked 1904

The text on the reverse of the postcard appears to state that the sender of the postcard is the gentleman leaning against the wall.

Oxford Sreet, Mountain Ash, no postmark

Though clarity is frequently lost, I think some of the detail of this photo is quite interesting.


Oxford Street, Mountain Ash, postmarked 1905

The quality of the photo is not so good, and the colourisation does it no favours, but there are some nice details just-about legible.


Caegarw and Bridge, Mountain Ash, no postmark


Penrhiwceiber Road, Penrhiwceiber, postmarked 1909

St Winifred’s Church, Penrhiwceiber, postmarked 1913


St John’s Church, Aberdare, postmark unclear

3 responses to “Photos: Postcards from the past

  1. Do you want any info on 1908 american tour e.g We left Mountain Ash on Tuesday Sep 22nd 1908 and reached Southampton 3.15 pm after a pleasant journey etc.

  2. updates

  3. Hello. I found this on a newspaper article and thought you may be interested. It’s an 1914 picture of the Cosmos Club printed in the Aberdare Leader newspaper

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