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Daniel Hartley — The Preston Giant, 1825-1862

The Giant Brothers - A waxwork of Daniel's dead infant brother was also exhibited

The Giant Brothers – A waxwork of Daniel’s dead infant brother was also exhibited

I came across Daniel’s name when I was walking through Aberdare old cemetery. The headstone, though small, was not just the usual recitation of dates and the promise of the then-living to remember the deceased; this was an obituary etched in stone.

The headstone of Daniel Hartley, Aberdare

Daniel’s headstone

“In memory of Mr Daniel Hartley native of Preston in Lancashire who died suddenly on the 26 Nov. 1862 at Mountain Ash, Aberdare, Glamorganshire, aged 28 years The well known fat man who had travelled and been exhibited for the last twenty years through every town in Great Britain. Deceased had six perfect fingers on each hand, and six perfect toes on each foot. He weighed a little before his death 30 stone but when in full health he weighed 37 stone.”

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