World War One: Mountain Ash and Penrhiwceiber

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Photos with accompanying articles, organised alphabetically by surname:
A-C, D-E, F-H, I-L, M-O, P-S, T-Y


The above pages are based on the coverage of the 1914-18 War in the Aberdare Leader. My focus has been on providing a compilation of those soldiers, and nurses, from Mountain Ash and Penrhiwceiber whose photos appeared in the Leader. I have also sought to collate further articles that seem relevant and appropriate to those named as well as information from other sources where I have been able to do so.

The somewhat poor quality of the photos does not detract from their significance to family and local historians.

I have corrected the available OCR’d text and transcribed articles omitted by the OCR process. No doubt errors remain that are mine and not the Leader’s. Before relying on any of the material, checking the original article is always worthwhile: bear in mind, though, that the Leader is a secondary source and is not error-free. I will add, in time, links to the articles to make that process a little easier.

The Aberdare Leader itself can be browsed, among other Welsh newspapers, at the National Library of Wales’ National Newspaper website.

If you see anything that looks like an error, please let me know so that I may correct it.

A list of names is shown below, linked to the page on which the details appear. The address shown is taken from the articles and might not be the address at which the named person lived but that of a relative.

Associated address
Ashford, Edwin 2 Graig Sreet, Mountain Ash
Ashill, David Late of Miskin Road, Mounain Ash
Ashton: Harold H; Richard D; William G Penybryn Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Bailey, James 31 Glyngwyn Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Barlow, Roland 8 Coplestone Street, Muuntain Ash
Bearne, Victor Hugh 7 Allen Street, Mountain Ash
Bennett, W E 79 Penrhiwceiber Road, Penrhiwceiber
Berry, John 21 Mount Pleasant Terrace, Mountain Ash
Bishop, William 2 Navigation Villas, Miskin
Brettell, Ben 4 Park Street, Penrhiwceiber
Bridgeman, A 17 Tirfelin, Miskin, Moiuntain Ash
Cahill, M J Mountain Ash
Carhart, George Church House, Cefnpennar, Mountain Ash
Carr, Edward 5 Harris View, Penrhiwceiber
Christie, R C 9 Gladstone Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Coombey, William H Mountain Ash
David, Howell College Street, Aberdare
Davies, David John Hamilton House, Mountain Ash
Davies, Evan 13 Tanycoed Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Davies, Idwal 3 Penybryn Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Davies, Levi 6 Park Street, Penrhiwceiber
Davies, S D 26 Allen Street, Mountain Ash
Davies, W 12 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Davies, W G Mountain Ash
Davies, W J Cynon Cottage, Penrhiwceiber
Duglan, Ewart 3 Jones Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Edwards, William 73 [?] Pentwyn Avenue, Penrhiwceiber
Ellis, Hugh Thomas 17 James Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Ellis, Lily
Evans: B P; Dan New Zealand
Evans, David J Bush Road, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Evans, Evan 64 Church Street, Penrhiwceiber
Evans, Frank Graig House, Arthur Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Evans, Henry Austin 21 Phillip Street, Mountain Ash
Evans, Tom 48 Church Street, Penrhiwceiber
Faulkner, J J 28, Glyngwyn Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Francombe, Jas 5 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Gardiner, Edwin 59 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Gethin, David 9 Melbourne Street, Matthewstown, Penrhiwceiber
Gibbon, Bert 88 Penrhiwceiber Road, Penrhiwceiber
Gibbon, Samuel 70 Glanlay Street, Penrhiwceiber
Gibbon, Tom Penrhiwceiber Road, Penrhiwceiber
Godwin, Stanley Woodland Street, Mountain Ash
Gough, Harold Victor Gough’s Garage, Mountain Ash
Green, W 11 Walsh Street, Matthewstown
Hamlin, S Harry 1 Rheola Street, Penrhiwceiber
Harland, Morgan L Granville Terrace, Mountain Ash
Harvey, W G 13 Glamorgan Street, Penrhiwceiber
Hill, Ivor Miskin Road, Mountain Ash
Hillman, A 3 Ford Level Cottages, Newtown, Mountain Ash
Hobby, Wm 28 Coplestone Street, Mountain Ash
Hughes, Simon 56 Woodfield Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Hutchings, Wm Gordon Mountain Ash
Isaac, Esther
James, Gwilym 19 Greenfield Terrace, Cefnpennar, Mountain Ash
James, Joseph 19 Morris Avenue, Penrhiwceiber
Jeffries, Lewin 12 Mary Street, Mountain Ash
Johnson, Sydney 33 Glanlay Street, Penrhiwceiber
Jones, Dick (see Various) Hamilton House, Hamilton Street, Mountain Ash
Jones, Evan 42 Ceridwen Street, Mountain Ash
Jones, Jack High Street, Mountain Ash
Jones, John Dd 48 Woodfield Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Jones, Robert 12 Harcourt Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Jones, W Cresselley Inn, Mountain Ash
Jones, Wattie Aberdare Hotel, Mountain Ash
Joyce, Willie 5 Haswell Street, Matthewstown
Kanhan, W 18 Lower Forest Level, Newtown, Mountain Ash
Lawrence, D 50 Thomas Street, Miskin
Lewis, Richard 36 Pentywn Avenue, Penrhiwceiber
Lloyd, G W 5 Llanwonno Road, Mountain Ash
Maggs, Joe 26 Arnold Street, Caegarw, Mountain Ash
Mansell, Albert Church Street, Penrhiwceiber
Mansfield, Ike Harcourt Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Marshall, George H 29 Coplestone Street, Mountain Ash
Martin, Harry 15 Clarence Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Masters, David Glenbrook, Bailey Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
McCoy, Wm Penrhiwceiber
Mealing, Wilfred (see Various) Ffrwd Crescent, Mountain Ash
Meredith, D G 18 Allen Street, Mountain Ash
Miles, Morgan Miskin, Mountain Ash
Mitchell, Geo. 12 Glancynon Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Morgan, D 9 Navigation Villas, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Morgan, Ernest A Mountain Ash
Morgan, R H 59 Tanycoed Street, Penrhiwceiber
Morgan, Tom 49 Bailey Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Morgan, William J Penrhiwceiber
Morris, Thomas Quarry House, Penrhiwceiber
Moynihan, D Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Nash, J J 98 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Nicholas, Victor Duffryn Gardens, Mountain Ash
Norman, F C 67 Church Street, Penrhiwceiber
Pearman, Bert 36 Park Street, Penrhiwceiber
Penney, R 45 Woodfield Terrrace, Penrhiwceiber
Phillips, Harold Llewellyn Penrhiwceiber
Pople, E J 14 Gladstone Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Pople, G Newtown, Mountain Ash
Powell, David 5 Jones Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Pritchard, Hugh 97 Clarence Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Prole, Llew 23 Windsor Road, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Prosser, Reuben 16 Phillip Street, Mountain Ash
Rees, Fred (see Various} Fox Street, Mountain Ash
Roberts, W P 35 Dillwyn Street, Penrhiwceiber
Rogers, Trevor 12 Alexander Terrace, Mountain Ash
Rogers, Wm John 3 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Roper, Benjamin Quarry Row, Penrhiwceiber
Saunders, George 15 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Smith, Stanley A Denwood, Troedyrhiw Road, Mountain Ash
Stagg, John Caemain Street, Ynysboeth
Stanford, W 20 Victoria Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Stenton, W 1 Albany Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Thickens, C 4 Glancynon Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Thomas, Rees L 9 Belle Vue Street, Penrhiwceiber
Thomas, Sydney J Church Street, Penrhiwceiber
Tucker, Tom 36 Woodfield Terrace, Penrhiwceiiber
 Various: Jones, Rees and Mealing
 Various: Miskin boys (see list)
 Various: Cefnpennar soldiers (see list)
Voyle, W J 5 Albert Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Weaver, Ivor T 1 Clarence Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
White, R 4a Penybryn Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Williams, Frank Troedyrhiw House, Mountain Ash
Williams, Harry 9 Rheola Street, Penrhiwceiber
Williams, J 18 Thomas Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash
Williams, Jack R 56 Cilhaul Terrace, Mountain Ash
Williams, Joseph 13 Church Street, Penrhiwceiber
Williams, Wyndham 30 Woodfield Terrace, Penrhiwceiber
Willis: George; R C Darren Las, Mountain Ash
Woods, Wm 51 Cilhaul Terrace, Mountain Ash
Wright, George 8 Walsh Street, Matthewstown
Yeo: Samuel; William 2 Usk Villa, Mountain Ash

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6 responses to “World War One: Mountain Ash and Penrhiwceiber

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  2. Hi My Great Grandfather was in Mountain Ash in the 1901 census for Victoria Street – his name was William Patrick Eddy. If anyone has a copy of the record it would be a help as I am unable to find it? I also have a large photo taken in 1915 of all the Sergeants and Officers of the 10th Battalion Welsh if of interest to anyone?
    Many thanks Davey.

  3. Well – something of a shame, I was hoping there would at least be someone out there interested in the 10th Battalion Welsh?

  4. Hi. My Uncle Gwilym was sadly in the 9th BTN. Welch regiment in and about that time. He sadly lost his life in 1916. We have no photos of him so when I saw this at first I hoped it might have been him. Lovely that you have these photos.

  5. Hi I’m a relative of Private Rees L. Thomas, of the R.A.M.C., son of Mr Evan Thomas, of 9 Belle Vue Street …I’m currently looking for descendants of his to return his ww1 medals and some postcards sent to him and his family …any help would be grateful. Thanks Andrew .

  6. Neal Carhart

    I am relative to pte w G Carhart i live at 44 the Avenue cefnpennar
    W g Carhart was my father half brother ernest noel Carhart
    I have visited w g Carhart grave at hazelbrook in France thank youfor shearing from my family
    Neal Carhart

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